During the last ten years, we have been committed to providing innovative insurance solutions for the marine industry. Our insurance specialists are able to arrange tailored insurance quotes and insurance coverage for the entire spectrum of vessels, from recreational boats to superyachts and ships globally.

We provide comprehensive Hull and P&I insurance coverage for commercial and private clients and have access to most of the leading U.S. and London boat and luxury yacht insurance underwriters.

Our mission is striving to ensure that we provide you with outstanding personalized service and support, customized enhanced programs and competitive rates, with access to some of the best‐rated insurers in the world.

Contact us: toll‐free, 1‐866‐635‐1445, office: (+1) 954-323-6733, or cell: 754‐234‐4325, or e-mail: info@yandci.com to review your current marine insurance policy, or to initiate first time coverage.

We look forward to assisting you!